New favorite accessory: touchscreen mittens (Taken with instagram)

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Deutschland by way of BK (found record) (Taken with instagram)
Park Slope (Taken with instagram)

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Park slope armory in #brooklyn (Taken with Instagram at YMCA Sports Complex at Park Slope Armory)
Go STL blues! (Taken with instagram)

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Dirty Jenga! (Taken with instagram)
Night of a thousand birthday candles! (Taken with instagram)

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Not a passenger elevator (Taken with instagram)

"I’ve decided on the photos that I would like you to use on the website. They are attached to this email. Please send them back when you’re finished as they are my only copies. Thanks!"

- (via clientsfromhell)

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In case you’re looking for plans tonight #soth (Taken with Instagram at Commonwealth)

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Slushy marbling (Taken with instagram)

Before Neil Armstrong Set Foot on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin was trying to get the best photograph

Aldrin: You've got a good picture, huh?
Houston: There's a great deal of contrast in it, and currently, it's upside-down on our monitor, but we can make out a fair amount of detail.
Aldrin: Will you verify the position - the opening I ought to have on the camera?
Houston: Stand by.
[Armstrong begins to descend.]
Houston: We can see you coming down the ladder now.
Armstrong: Okay, I just checked getting back up to that first step, Buzz. It's -- not even collapsed too far, but it's adequate to get back up... It takes a pretty good little jump.
Houston: Buzz, this is Houston. F/2 - 1/160th second for shadow photography on the sequence camera.
Aldrin: Okay.
Armstrong: I'm at the foot of the ladder. The [Lunar Module] footpads are only depressed in the surface about 1 or 2 inches, although the surface appears to be very fine grained as you get close to it. It's almost like a powder. Down there, it's very fine. I'm going to step off the [Lunar Module] now. THAT'S ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND.