Bloomberg terminal (in the terminal) (Taken with Instagram at Terminal C)
Revised itinerary: LGA > PHL > SDF (Taken with Instagram at LaGuardia Airport (LGA))
Greenhouse growth (Taken with Instagram at Brooklyn Botanic Garden)
New favorite accessory: touchscreen mittens (Taken with instagram)

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Deutschland by way of BK (found record) (Taken with instagram)
Park Slope (Taken with instagram)

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Park slope armory in #brooklyn (Taken with Instagram at YMCA Sports Complex at Park Slope Armory)
Go STL blues! (Taken with instagram)

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Dirty Jenga! (Taken with instagram)
Night of a thousand birthday candles! (Taken with instagram)

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Not a passenger elevator (Taken with instagram)

"I’ve decided on the photos that I would like you to use on the website. They are attached to this email. Please send them back when you’re finished as they are my only copies. Thanks!"

- (via clientsfromhell)